The Croatian Society for Pelviperineology in Poreč is organizing a Multidisciplinary Conference on Comprehensive Woman Health and Well-being. The mentioned International Congress will be held from May 19 to 22, 2022. at the Parentium Hotel – Blue Lagoon in Poreč. This issue is gaining additional weight in the atmosphere of modern life, new expectations and deepening knowledge about the essential parts important for maintaining vitality and disease prevention. Multidisciplinary approach to women’s health is gaining more and more weight today, especially in the atmosphere of new technologies but also thinking about the meaning of existence, programs that enable longevity and which are directly aimed at raising functionality and realizing the full potential of the organism. Pelvic health thinking based on an integrative approach to medicine is becoming indispensable today in maintaining health, preventing disease and providing everything necessary for a harmonious life resulting from internal and external factors, but also the action of all available technological advances we inherit today. With this international conference, the Croatian Society for Pelviperineology is paving the way for new knowledge and further progress of medical thought in the Republic of Croatia and Southeast Europe, through practical and theoretical foundations. We express the hope that after these pandemic challenges, brighter days will follow, in which women’s health will become even more at the center of interest of the medical profession and the whole society.

President of the Scientific Committee:
Rajko Fureš

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